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Welcome to the official Rowan Robertson website. Thank you for visiting. You can find me on my YouTube channel rowanrobertsonofficial or on Instagram or Facebook messenger! Take care and Rock on👍

Current projects

03 Nov 2021. Check out my new track ‘The Heat is Rising’ with Gabriel Colon and Dave Mompean.

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Custard Pie

11 Oct 2021. Custard Pie is a project featuring Rowan with Les Warner from The Cult and Girish Pradhan from Girish and the Chronicles. Yogesh Pradhan is guest bassist.

Visit the Custard Pie Official website.

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Listen to Custard Pie:




Frontiers Records upcoming release

11 Oct 2021. Rowan has just signed a contract with Frontiers Records to make an album featuring singer Girish Pradhan, also Simon Wright (ACDC, Dio) and Tony Franklin (Jimmy Page, Blue Murder). The album is scheduled for release in late 2022.

Raiding The Rock Vault

11 Oct 2021. The winner of ‘Best of Las Vegas’ six years running, rock show Raiding The Rock Vault is scheduled to return to Las Vegas in early 2022. Past and present members include Howard Leese, Robin McAuley, Doug Aldrich and Blas Elias.

Raiding the Rock Vault

New music release scheduled

11 Oct 2021. Keep a look out for new music releases from Rowan featuring singer Gabriel Colon in this as-yet-unnamed project with Stockton, California drummer Dave Mompean. First song, entitled Heat, will be available on Spotify and many other major outlets early November 2021.

Queens of Rock

11 Oct 2021. Rowan plays from time to time with ‘Best of Las Vegas’ winner, review to the women in rock, Queens of Rock, featuring Elyzabeth Diaga. If you’re in Vegas, check out this great show!


King Kobra

11 Oct 2021. Rowan is currently recording guitar tracks for an upcoming King Kobra release, the band featuring Carmine Appice and singer Paul Shortino. The album will be released on Cleopatra Records sometime in 2022.

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  1. Tony Breit or Anthony says:

    What a scene Row. This is my first of probably thousands of entries to your website. LOL. I am planning on a website coming. It will be my first. But will let you know so see it. For entertainment purposes. Have a great follow up on everything.This website rocks!


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